She walked into my Bible Session at one of the local Women’s Shelters that I had the honor of providing encouraging words to on a weekly basis.

She directly informed me that she didn’t believe in the God I was speaking of, and that she practiced several different religions growing up. I told her, that was fine with me, but by the time she finished my classes…

She would know the one God that could change her life. She was at every class I carried out at the shelter, from beginning to the end. 

These classes allowed me the opportunity to not only connect with the ladies overcoming addictions, but also with their beautiful children. As Anita continued 

to attend these classes, my connection with her  daughter Vashi blossomed and Anita became clean from her addiction. She became actively involved in our Organization, Beauty for Ashes Empowerment, which offers those in addiction….hope and love.

Today she is 5 plus years clean, she is one of my faithful mentees, my baby Vashi is doing great in school and she is happily married to a Wonderful Man, by the name of Don. 

Beauty for Ashes Empowerment and the weekly Bible Classes, not only changed her life…but Anita and Vashi changed mine. Their genuine love for change is contagious. They are now my Forever Family!

PS…Did I tell you I married Anita and Don in their beautiful home 2 years ago? 

I’m Forever Grateful!!!

Kim Adams 

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