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” ‘Christ liveth in me.’ And how great the difference!
instead of bondage,liberty
instead of failure, quiet victories within;
instead of fear and weakness,a restful sense of sufficiency in Another.”


What has He delivered you from?
What victories has He brought your way?
What testimony Has your Lord and Savior given you?

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1 thought on “Join The Conversation

  1. “A Night of Dialogue” was a night of inspiration and encouragement! The opportunity to hear the various stories of numerous women allowed me to see and hear of the progressive and continual transforming power of the Holy Spirit. The women were REAL – they shared and revealed parts of their hearts, struggles, and victories. I laughed, smiled, and cried tears of joy and gratitude for what God is doing in these women’s lives and my own. I learned to be healed and whole I’ve got to be true, honest, and transparent about what I’m experiencing in my life and not wear the mask of “I’ve Got It All Together” – to share with another. I must use my voice to step into my healing and freedom and this started Friday night with my Katy, my sister-partner. I felt such love, support, and POWER in the room among all these women. I thank God for my friend Kendra for inviting me to this wonderful event which creates “Beauty for Ashes”. We all have a story to tell. God bless you all!

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